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General Information
     Xi’an University of Science and Technology lies in Xi’an, a world-f amous city with numerous ancient and historical sites and remains. Its hea d campus stands blocks away from the Big Wild Goose Pagoda well known at h ome and abroad and its newly built Lintong campus close to another popular tourist resort Huaqing Hot Springs. Shaanxi provincial CPC Committee and S haanxi provincial government and the Xi’an municipal government officiall y recognize the university as the Model University and Garden Campus respe ctively.
 Schools and Departments

01 Department of Basic Courses
02 School of Management
03 School of Energy and Resource
04 School of Architecture and Civil Engineering
05 School of Mechanical Engineering
06 School of Electrical and Control Engineering

 Undergraduate Programs and Courses

Engineering Mechanics
Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Information Management and Information System
Tourism Management
Engineering Management

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